Cissy! Contents:

 Cissy! Reference, Rarities and Restoration

The Cissy Files was written in 2015  for the 60th anniversary of  Cissy, America's first fashion doll with high heeled feet and an adult body.  It quickly became the go-to authority for all things Cissy. 

Rather than reprint the original book, I have written a companion book.  It continues the story of Cissy and serves as a complement, rather than a replacement for The Cissy Files. 

The new Cissy! Book contains over 1900 NEW full color photos

The new Cissy! book is almost DOUBLE in size (325 pages) of the original and includes NEW sections: 

History and Marketing,


Hat Reference,

Wig Reference,

Jane Miller Fashions,

Premier Fashions,

Rarities- Sun Dresses and One of a Kind Prototypes

Doll Restoration

Clothing Restoration.

You won't want to miss out on Cissy! Reference, Rarities and Restoration.

Full length and head shot photos of each outfit produced for MA Cissy.  These are organized by color to emphasize the artistry of MA's designs.  Each outfit is identified as having been "Sold on a Dressed Doll" or as a "Boxed Extra" and is identified as HTF-RARE. An informative description is included for each.

  RARITIES including rare designs and fabrics. This section features a complete section on sun dresses made from beautiful rare fabrics in prints scaled perfetly for Cissy.  Also highlighted are one-of-a-kind prototype dolls that were not released for mass production. 

A complete WIG REFERENCE section analyzes each of the wigs found on Vintage Cissy dolls and describes which dressed dolls came with each wig. 33 full color pages will help you to identify nude dolls as well as verifying the originality of dressed dolls. 

 40 pages exploring original ACCESSORIES AND HATS made by the Alexander Company as well as the Premier Doll Company. Additionally, a history and Parade of Fashions for Jane Miller are documented.

Step by step directions and clear photos filled with tips and tricks for RESTORATION OF HARD PLASTIC DOLLS and CLOTHING.

See the table of contents below for more specifics. 

pictorial thumbnail index of the dolls and outfits sorted chronologically from 1955-1962.  The thumbnails provide a quick means of identifying whether or not an outfit is an original Madame Alexander Cissy clothing item.

Additionally, the thumbnails serve as a visual index for quickly locating the page on which the doll is described in detail. 



       Lingerie and Yardley 
       Brides and Bridesmaids
       Parade of Fashions
       FAO Trunk Gowns
       Sun Dresses
Thumbnails by Year 
Wig Reference 
       Alexander Hats
       Alexander Shoes
       Shoes by other Brand
       other Brands
Jane Miller
Doll Restoration
     Wig Repair
    Face Painting
     Eyes and Lashes 
Clothing Restoration
     Tulle and Fur 
     Pan Pastels
     Shoe Elastic.
Before and After Photos