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RARE blue Sapphire Set for Cissy 1959

RARE blue Sapphire Set for Cissy 1959

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I have 2 pieces from the RARE 1959 Sapphire Set for Cissy. This set has been on my bucket list for as longas I have been collecting Cissy. I have managed to find both pieces... but they are very different.

The shawl is from the same thick heavy slipper satin that the RARE 1959 Sleeping Beauty gown comes from. It is a brighter/ royal blue. 

The dress has less sheen and is the fabric more typically seen. Note how it is not tagged Cissy.... in 1959 Cissy is on her way out and one can imagine the factory was scrambling to get things onto the market.

I can sell these things as separates.. I would LOVE TO TALK  :)

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