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Shari Lewis 21 inch

Shari Lewis 21 inch

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Shari Lewis from 1959 , 21 inch 

Shari was made for 1 year and has a special face mold and wig, but uses the strung Cissy body.

This doll is a complete restoration! I bought her for her clothes... my original plan was to remake the skirt for a Cissy outfit... but... I just couldn't do it... Shari deserved a second chance to shine, and she's a GREAT doll once again.

  1. Head opening was narrowed, so that it sits up higher on her neck and she now HAS A NECK
  2. Yellow face removed. New blush added, resealed.
  3. Restrung.. note, she is loose, but hold a pose. I do not like to overtighten these later strung bodies as they are prone to cracking.
  4. Her outfit has been cleaned, original flowers have been reshaped.
  5. NOTE: her right shoulder is missing some lace overlay
  6. original slip is nice and full but needs to have a thread run through it, or pinned to stay up
  7. missing her shoes
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